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Stated as a matter of fact, cybersecurity is a big f*^&%ing deal.


Join us in a Deep Dive version of the Merge Medical podcast as Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Jeff Cole interview Dr. Jose Bolanos. Dr. Bolanos is founder and CEO of Nimbus-T Global and offers a compelling opportunity for enterprise and individuals alike to protect themselves in a world full of bad actors.

Cybersecurity threats can hit home in so many ways. Unfortunately, the medical profession and healthcare industry seem to be like fish in a barrel. Constant threats, frequent losses…and few, if any, wins.

In addition to high profile ransomware attacks such as Change Healthcare and Ascension, there are countless direct attacks on medical practices. One of these attacks can easily bankrupt a successful, long standing medical practice.

With billion-dollar market cap companies trying to create meaningful solutions and put a notch in the win column, is it possible that a physician holds the keys to one of the most revolutionary solutions in existence?

Moving well beyond two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factorial authentication (MFA), Nimbus-T Global / Nimbus-Key ID provides the most advanced cybersecurity protection at login to enterprise systems.  The Nimbus-Key ID mobile app registers each user with KYC/AI/Biometric verification.  The user logs into the mobile app with True User Verification and the system bypasses passwords with dynamically encrypted ID in a QRcode (DE-MFA).  This system protects the enterprise login process and the user’s true access.

Also, having experience with poor cooperation across the myriad of software systems required for the day-to-day activities of both office-based and hospital-based physicians, much thought has gone into the time efficiency of the hardware-agnostic process.

If you have escaped direct cybersecurity threat or loss up to this point, some experts would say that it’s only a matter of time.

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