Why should med schools teach the business of medicine?

Relentless Health Value Podcast Episode 416 Stacey Richter with Adam Brown, MD, MBA Podcast Link:     https://cc-lnk.com/EP416 Stacey Richter Co-President, Aventria and QC-Health. Host of Relentless Health Value – award-winning podcast about healthcare value So, […]

The AMA: Positions on Corporate Medicine

Premiered June 23, 2023 by Take Medicine Back.    https://www.youtube.com/@takemedicineback4539 Dr. Mukkamala is the immediate past chair of the American Medical Association, and a private practice ENT from Flint Michigan. Dr. Mukkamala is speaking on […]

Fixing Healthcare From the Trenches (E15). Dr. Alejandro Badia with Merge Medical Creator, Dr. Jeff Cole (YouTube Podcast)

6/23/2023 Fixing Healthcare From the Trenches. Episode 15. Dr. Alejandro Badia talks with Merge Medical Creator, Dr. Jeff Cole,  Dr. Badia is also one of the 12 Merge Medical co-creators. Dr. Cole discusses Merge Medical’s […]

Healthcare Private Equity, More Thoughts

4/24/2023 Healthcare Private Equity, More Thoughts From a doctor, an ex-PE person, and way smarter people than me From a doctor’s point of view It’s been a year since our practice was acquired by a […]

Is private equity in healthcare bad?

4/11/2023 There’s been a ton of articles written about how bad private equity (PE) is in healthcare. It’s hard not to hear some of the stories about serious understaffing at PE-owned facilities and the patients […]

Fixing Healthcare From the Trenches (E8): Why I started this Podcast (YouTube Podcast)

2/23/2023. In episode 8 of our podcast, we will be discussing the book which inspired the podcast: “Healthcare from the Trenches”. As an orthopedic surgeon with three decades of experience and the founder of OrthoNOW® […]

EP393: How Do You Know if a Practice or a CIN (Clinically Integrated Network) Is Actually Clinically Integrated? With David Muhlestein, PhD, JD

2/9/2023 Audio podcast with Stacey Richter, Relentless Health Value Podcast. Clinically integrated network (CIN) discussion with David Muhlestein, PhD, JD https://relentlesshealthvalue.com/episode/ep393-how-do-you-know-if-a-practice-or-a-cin-clinically-integrated-network-is-actually-clinically-integrated-with-david-muhlestein-phd-jd   07:57 What does it mean to be clinically integrated? 10:23 How does changing practice patterns […]

How physicians can disrupt healthcare investment!

2/8/2023 Ok, you can now stop laughing. I know it’s an absurd idea that physicians could actually disrupt the current chain of healthcare investment into digital health, consolidation, direct to consumer care and the focus […]

Fixing Healthcare From the Trenches (E2). Dr. Alejandro Badia with Guest Dr. Leah Houston (YouTube Podcast)

1/12/2023 Fixing Healthcare From the Trenches. Episode 2. Merge Medical Co-Creator Dr. Alejandro Badia talks with DAO pioneer within medicine, Dr. Leah Houston. HPEC is a DAO or decentralized autonomous organization of practicing physicians – which is essentially […]

‘Parasitic’ Private Equity Consumes U.S. Healthcare System

12/07/22 As private equity firms gobble up physician and dental practices, home care and hospital agencies, urgent care facilities, emergency medical transportation and other services, patients pay more — for inferior care. By F. Douglas […]

Take Medicine Back, The Film (YouTube)

8/13/2021   Healthcare in America is broken. The emergency room is the only universal safety net in America, but it is at risk of being lost to corporate interests leaving patients and society at risk […]