Dr. Alejandro Badia

Dr. Alejandro Badia, MD, FACS, An internationally active hand and upper extremity orthopedic surgeon, leads at Badia Hand to Shoulder Center in Doral, Florida, and has served as Chief of Hand Surgery at Baptist Hospital of Miami. Trained at NYU with fellowships in Alleghany General Hospital and Freiburg, Germany, he pioneered international hand fellowships and co-founded the Miami Anatomical Research Center (M.A.R.C.). As a founder of the American Hand Institute, he’s shaping minimally invasive solutions for upper limb pathologies. Dr. Badia’s legacy includes the fully-integrated Badia Hand to Shoulder Center and the innovative OrthoNOW® immediate care center, Paving the way for global orthopedic care advancement.

Dr.Badia wrote the book “ Healthcare from the trenches” which then led to a bi weekly podcast in which he discusses possible solutions for the U.S healthcare crisis with movers and shakers who are also in the trenches.

Why I am excited to help build merge medical:

I’m thrilled to join Merge Medical as a healthcare disruptor. My passion for reshaping healthcare aligns perfectly with Merge Medical’s mission. I believe in empowering doctors with autonomy over their practice. Let’s collaborate to drive meaningful change and put control back into the hands of those who know best – the healthcare professionals.

My Areas of Merge Medical Involvement:


Podcast host

Healthcare disruptor