Fixing Healthcare From the Trenches (E2). Dr. Alejandro Badia with Guest Dr. Leah Houston (YouTube Podcast)

Fixing Healthcare From the Trenches. Episode 2.

Merge Medical Co-Creator Dr. Alejandro Badia talks with DAO pioneer within medicine, Dr. Leah Houston. HPEC is a DAO or decentralized autonomous organization of practicing physicians – which is essentially a digital physicians guild. They offer a community as well as blockchain secured identity and professional credential wallet.

Great Podcast! Two visionaries. Several pearls included. Of note beginning at min 12:25.
Short list of things that can help to advance healthcare and stability of the medical profession:

Dr. Leah Houston #HPEC #Evercred
1. Removal of the noncompete
2. Limit or prohibit medical practice ownership by private equity and non-physicians
3. Insurance company dominance and power
4. Physician ownership and collaboration within the business of medicine

Dr. Alejandro Badia #healthcarefromgthetrenches
1. “Oversight…not authorization”
2. “Right clinician at the right time”
3. Education of ourselves and the public