Why Collaborative Investing? Why the CI MVP (Collaborative Investing Medical Venture Portfolio) vehicle?  Beyond the many positive factors associated with Collaborative Investing discussed in Parts 1 – 4 of the newsletter…It’s the math! Are fees […]

Fixing Healthcare From the Trenches (E15). Dr. Alejandro Badia with Merge Medical Creator, Dr. Jeff Cole (YouTube Podcast)

6/23/2023 Fixing Healthcare From the Trenches. Episode 15. Dr. Alejandro Badia talks with Merge Medical Creator, Dr. Jeff Cole,  Dr. Badia is also one of the 12 Merge Medical co-creators. Dr. Cole discusses Merge Medical’s […]

DAOs a Fad…or here to stay? Stanford Law Symposium (3-min video)

Short “lightening round” with Stanford Law DAO Symposium experts answering the question: “Are DAOs a fad, or here to stay?” 3 minutes. A must watch.

Dante and the DAO. Why Now?

3/12/2023   Imagine for a moment someone in a foreign country arriving at their place of work, hanging up their winter coat, grabbing a coffee, speaking to co-workers and making their way to their computer […]

Utah Passes Innovative DAO Legislation

3/2/2023 Robert B. Lamb The National Law Review. Volume XIII, Number 106. On March 1, 2023, the Utah Legislature passed HB 357, the “Utah Decentralized Autonomous Organizations” Act (the “Utah DAO Act”). This was a […]

Fixing Healthcare From the Trenches (E2). Dr. Alejandro Badia with Guest Dr. Leah Houston (YouTube Podcast)

1/12/2023 Fixing Healthcare From the Trenches. Episode 2. Merge Medical Co-Creator Dr. Alejandro Badia talks with DAO pioneer within medicine, Dr. Leah Houston. HPEC is a DAO or decentralized autonomous organization of practicing physicians – which is essentially […]

Why the Healthtech Revolution is Failing

11/3/2022 Mission by A.Team BY JORDAN TEICHER ***** FUTURE OF WORK Why the Healthtech Revolution Is Failing Healthtech has great potential to improve the experience for patients and clinicians, but also serious issues to grapple […]

A Primer on DAOs. Harvard Law

9/17/2022 Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance Posted by Gail Weinstein, Steven Lofchie, and Jason Schwartz, Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP In Colonial times, there were “joint stock corporations,” then came our […]

Tearing Up The Rulebook: DAOs And The Future Of Limited Liability Companies

7/1/2-22 Bo Ilsoe, Forbes Business Council Member GETTY I have always thought that one of the most important innovations of the human race was the creation of a company incorporated by shares. And now, due […]

How DAOs Could Change the Way We Work

4/7/2022 by Steve Glaveski Harvard Business Review Technology And Analytics Hiroshi Watanabe/Getty Images ***** Summary   Web3 represents the next iteration of the World Wide Web. It’s built upon blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and is characterized […]

Re-envisioning corporations: How DAOs and blockchain can improve the way we organize

2/8/2022 Brynly Llyr Head of Blockchain and Digital Assets, CISA, World Economic Forum DAOs offer the promise of enabling a focus on community rather than just profit. Decentralized autonomous organizations are changing the way we think […]

The realities of working for a DAO with Kinjal Shah (YouTube)

12/8/2021 Coinbase. Around the Block Episode 6. In 2021, DAOs have taken off, ranging from multi-billion dollar protocol DAOs to smaller investment, service, and social DAOs. But what are the realities of working for a […]

What the heck is a DAO? with Jesse Pollak (YouTube)

12/1/2021 Coinbase. Around the Block. Episode 5. There is a whole lot of buzz around DAOs – decentralized autonomous organizations. But what exactly are they and what’s all the hype about? How can DAOs forever […]

What are DAOs and why you should pay attention.

6/1/2021 by Cathy Hackl of Forbes Can you imagine a way of organizing with other people around the world, without knowing each other and establishing your own rules, and making your own decisions autonomously all […]