Co-founder, Merge Medical
Merge Medical Podcast Lead

Dr. Jeff Brown

Dr. Jeff Brown is an anesthesiologist and physician entrepreneur. Starting out in life with humble means, Dr. Brown started his first business in middle school. He was a stock broker before going to medical school. Dr. Brown is an excellent communicator and connector and will lead Merge Medical’s podcast efforts. He serves as an advisor for 2 health-related startups and has a deep interest in finance, revolutionary financial instruments and real estate investing. He is eager to be involved in real estate tokenization.

Why I’m excited to help build Merge Medical:

“For too long physicians have allowed the glass ceiling that our salaries provide limit our potential earnings. Collectively we have what is undoubtedly the most powerful network of educated, accredited investors on the planet. Merge Medical is at the pinnacle of coalescence of this network……It is time to take off the golden handcuffs and roll up our sleeves.”

My Areas of Merge Medical Involvement:

Merge Medical Podcast Lead
Merge DAO Venture Club
Merge Medical Forum
Real estate investing