The AMA: Positions on Corporate Medicine

Premiered June 23, 2023

by Take Medicine Back.

Dr. Mukkamala is the immediate past chair of the American Medical Association, and a private practice ENT from Flint Michigan. Dr. Mukkamala is speaking on behalf of the AMA and their current policies, and not necessarily his private views.

0:00 – Introducing Dr. Mukkamala

1:15 – The AMA – Inertia

2:34 – Is the AMA weighted to “end of career” physicians?

3:44 – Employed & Private Practice Physicians at the AMA

4:39 – The AMA Supports a Plurality of Practice Models – 2019 Report

5:44 – Optum/United – The Largest Employer of Physicians

6:40 – “Risks and Benefits” of Private Equity Ownership of Physician Practices

10:46 – AMA Report: How to evaluate venture capital and private equity contract arrangements

11:53 – AMA Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs Report – Investor Ownership of Physician Practices 14:00 – Physician’s fiduciary responsibility to patients first

15:22 – Research on PE – Higher physician turnover, more Non-Physicians

17:28 – Why physicians are leaving private practice

17:48 – Corporate Practice of Medicine Brief – CPOM Laws Weakened Over Time

19:00 – Mixed Reception of Private Equity – Early Career Physicians vs Late Career

19:58 – The AMA on Surprise Medical Billing

21:45 – The AMA on replacement of physicians with non-physician practitioners