Merge Medical with Harvey Castro, MD. Changemaker in Medicine. #DRGPT

Welcome to the Merge Medical Podcast, where today’s healthcare innovators and leaders come together to shape tomorrow’s healthcare landscape. In our latest episode, we’re honored to host Dr. Harvey Castro, a visionary ER physician, AI healthcare futurist, and prolific author in the field of AI and healthcare. Dr. Castro delves into how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing patient care and physician practices, sharing his journey in developing AI technologies aimed at improving outcomes and building a sustainable future for healthcare professionals. Discover the potential of AI to transform healthcare delivery, enhance patient experiences, and unlock new avenues for private practice growth and wealth creation.

This is a must-listen for anyone passionate about the intersection of healthcare and technology, seeking practical insights and inspiration to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead. Join us as Dr. Harvey Castro leads the way in leveraging AI for a healthier tomorrow.

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