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Healthcare has been criticized for its slow adoption of advanced technology, and independent doctors can lag even further behind the curve due to the reasonable fear of the financial, security, and administrative risks associated with implementing new and unproven technologies such as AI, digital therapeutics, and remote vital sign monitoring. The healthcare technology landscape is littered with vendors who don’t always have the physician or patient best-interest in mind.

“10 in 10″ or quick hitting version of our video podcast. Drs Jeff Brown and Jeff Cole interview Dr. Brittany Busse, Co-Founder of ViTel Health.

ViTel Health is a technology platform-as-a-service company that is empowering physicians to thrive in independent practice by creating and vetting technology solutions that are proven to improve the lives of physicians and the patients they in their care. ViTel Health was founded by Dr. Brittany Busse and Doug Sumaraga in 2021 with the mission “Happy Physicians, Healthy Patients.” Our current “sick care” system has taken the autonomy of physicians, left us burned out, and has decimated the care of patients. ViTel Health is using technology to turn the sick care system to healthcare system and partnering physicians with health coaches who can offer consistent support to patients struggling with chronic disease. It’s more than Remote Physiologic Monitoring, it’s Tech Enabled Health Coaching, and it gets results.

Patients are healthier, staying out of the hospital, and physician practices are thriving with the extra revenue combined with limited administrative work. ViTel Health has created a simple vertically-integrated solutions that handles all of the compliance, hiring, documentation, and billing associated with this billable service, empowering doctors to take better care of patients and earn extra revenue.

Beyond cutting edge RPM/CCM services, ViTel Health and the ViTel Health Physician Services Cooperative are committed to empowering the return of the independent physician practice in the US. Our services include an affordable and flexible EHR, cost effective credentialing/contracting, revenue cycle management, malpractice, legal advice, and more.


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