“Deep Dive″ or uncut version of our video podcast. Drs Jeff Brown and Jeff Cole interview Dr. David Kay (CMO) and Gabe Szabo (CEO) or Surgical Targeted Solutions, Inc. Both gentlemen have had enormous success building and operating medical companies. For Dr. Kay, Orthohelix was the first company that he helped form, build and exit.

As technology continues to rapidly advance in healthcare, there are times when solutions don’t bring adequate value when compared to the steep learning curves and restrained budgets. As just one example, rather than trying to find ways to use robotic assistance in surgery for an increasing number of things, some of the most impactful potential gains relate to improving process and understanding “why we do what we do”.

One example of this is in the surgical treatment of hip fractures. Given the changing population demographics, hip fractures are expected to rise dramatically over the next 10 years, all while the surgeon pool is shrinking. As new surgeons come on board to deal with this exploding volume, there risks a wide range in skill and experience level that make OR staffing very difficult. It’s hard to allocate resources when the same operation can range from 30 minutes to 120 minutes.

Has the team at Surgical Targeted Solutions, Inc. found a potential solution for this problem and created a cost-effective, simple tool that provides reliability and reproducibility for improved hip fracture outcomes?

The first step in the surgical treatment is placement of a guidewire within a center-head position. This solution changes an unguided first step to one that is computer-assisted and guided so that optimal positioning of the implant can be achieved THE FIRST TIME…EVERY TIME.

Compared with robot-assisted procedures, this solution offers affordability, simplicity, adaptability and an easy or quick learning curve. This system can also be used in the training of residents to bring balance between skill and experience levels.

The benefits to cost and outcome are significant and include decreased OR time, more predictable procedure length, fewer complications, less radiation and reduction in implant waste or explants.

During the FDA process and early commercialization, Surgical Targeted Solution, Inc will be highly focused on the hip fracture market. With that said there are numerous additional adaptations covered under their patent and where solutions and business will be developed.


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