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Sleep is a wonderful thing…if, and when, you can count on it. The sleep aid business is projected to reach $118B by 2030. Why? Very few things treat the root cause. Will Lumos revolutionize the sleep industry through the ability to strengthen and modulate circadian rhythms, the foundation of sleep?

“10 in 10” or quick-hitting version of our video podcast. Drs Jeff Brown and Jeff Cole interview Biquan Luo, Ph.D. (CEO and Co-Founder) and Kyle Pfaffenbach, Ph.D. (Performance Nutrition Specialist) of Lumos. Lumos was founded by Stanford scientists specializing in regulating human circadian rhythms, Lumos offers a sleep solution for everyone via its smart sleep mask, cell phone app and patented technology. The positive effects of science-based algorithms for jet lag, sleep disruptions caused by night shifts and everyday falling asleep and staying asleep have been demonstrated by robust clinical studies funded by the US military.

Lumos is poised to significantly impact quality of sleep on a large scale with its low COG, cost-effective solution. Might you want to own a small piece of this company whose science is two decades in the making?


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