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Ketones are the most pure form of energy that our body makes. Have these former Coca-Cola executives and the original founder created the ultimate multifunctional energy and health drink?

“Deep Dive” or uncut version of our video podcast. Drs Jeff Brown and Jeff Cole interview Udaiyan Jatar (Co-Founder & CEO) and Joseph Motto (President & CFO) of Tecton.

Tecton is a multifunctional health drink that is based on a breakthrough in exogenous ketone science. Its proprietary ketone molecule overcomes all the biggest barriers to mainstream adoption of exogenous ketones. It tastes good, it is safe even at very high doses (80-100 per day) for all age groups, and it is affordable. The product was designed to be completely safe and healthy with zero carbs, zero caffeine and it is clean label. This allows Tecton to be consumed for metabolic health at macronutrient levels, and therefore, serves as a foundation for weight management, brain health and physical performance.

Optimizing your Physical and Mental Potential with Ketone Hydration

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Tecton opened its Series A round of $10m at the beginning of 2023 and has already raised ~$5m from investors that include the former Chief of Neurosurgery at Walter Reed, an owner of an NFL team and Empire Family Investments (the owners of Empire Marketing Strategies, the nation’s largest food broker).

Tecton is looking for potential ambassadors, partners, licensees and strategic investors that can help build this revolutionary health & wellbeing brand. Tectonlife.com


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