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“I guess the average person doesn’t have a plan. So that’s a good first start, like have a plan. Everybody should have a plan. That’s good. But like a lot of people that do planning, they skip the most important part. What is your purpose in life? Why are you here? What’s most important to you? What are your values like? Where do you want to go? What does your ideal future look like? I think it’s hard to do that exercise in training because you’re like, super, go, go, go.” – Daniel Wrenne Daniel

Wrenne loves helping people use their finances to live better lives. During the work day, he is busy running Wrenne Financial Planning, a planning firm dedicated to helping physicians use money to live better lives and hosting the Finance for Physicians Podcast. Ultimately, he wants to live a life worth imitating and help others do the same. Above all, he values his faith in Christ and his family. Most of his spare time involves wrestling his boys Noah, Henry and Andrew, coaching soccer, and spending time with his wife Alison.

Many people, especially physicians, can be intimidated to come forward with their problems around burnout and money. Burnout can be a hidden problem, even from ourselves. We are so accustomed to not being able to make ourselves vulnerable in our culture that we tend to deny it and tend to look for ways to solve it on our own. Often as physicians, we feel that we should be able to heal ourselves. We look for solutions without telling other people, which leads to higher suicide rate and contributes to the epidemic of burnout that we’re facing right now.

One thing that we see over and over again in our physician community at DocWorking is people who feel there’s a big connection between being trapped by our finances and feeling burned out. The concept of having options of financial independence is so important, and Daniel explains how planning ahead and having your financial ducks in a row makes all the difference. Our mindset around money can greatly impact our financial path and keeping your values in mind when setting goals helps you stay on track. Daniel talks about how to sail your financial ship with direction, finding the right motivation for change, and how working with a coach, therapist, or financial planner is important for finding financial success and sustainability.

What’s Inside:

The link between burnout and finances and the impact of lifestyle creep The importance of a healthy money mindset and knowing your personal values How working with a coach, therapist, or financial planner can help you achieve your goals

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