Co-founder, Merge Medical
Founder & CEO DocWorking

Dr. Jen Barna

Dr. Jen Barna is a board-certified practicing radiologist. She is the founder and CEO of DocWorking, a company that helps physicians and other healthcare professionals stay on the Balanced path and accelerate progress toward what matters most to each of us, as defined by each individual, on our own terms. Through one-of-a-kind coaching, peer communities, and on-demand digital courses, DocWorking provides customizable and scalable well-being support that clinicians and staff need to prevent burnout and improve work culture. Dr. Barna is also the co-host of DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast, now ranked on multiple lists as a top physician podcast. She earned her MD and completed her Diagnostic Radiology residency at the University of Tennessee School of Medicine. She earned a Masters degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Washington University in St. Louis, and her undergraduate degree from Stony Brook University in New York.

Why I’m excited to help build Merge Medical:

“Innovative intervention is needed to improve collaboration, support clinicians, and halt the cycle of turnover that impacts the lives of healthcare professionals, their families and patient care. Merge Medical’s mission aligns with the mission of DocWorking, to help physicians and other healthcare professionals find ways outside of their practice of medicine to gain stability and balance, allowing us to stay connected to the purpose of caring for patients in a sustainable way.”

My Areas of Merge Medical Involvement:

Blog writing / Podcasting
Financial education (broad topics)