ENTAC MEDICAL: Deep Dive Podcast

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Can acoustic biomarkers and AI be used to identify entry into disease state transition zones early enough to allow proactive decision making? Predict an ileus multiple days before it happens?  Applications for cardiac and pulmonary disorders?

“Deep Dive” or uncut version of our video podcast. Drs Jeff Brown and Jeff Cole interview the founders of Entac Medical. Entac Medical is a digital health company developing wearable devices. Their technology applies predictive analytics/AI to biological acoustic signals to predict downstream patient adverse events, improving patient outcomes, preventing hospital readmissions and reducing the cost of care.

More specifically, they are using acoustic biomarkers to identify entry into disease state transition zones early enough to allow proactive decision making. In the treatment of post-operative ileus, this technology can significantly impact morbidity and mortality while also saving hospitals millions. Through an AI development platform, similar impact in cardiac and pulmonary disease states is hopeful.


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