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A WalMart type POS technology solution for the multi-billion dollar surgical industry. The Summate Trakker is the first & only scanning solution for ALL products used during a surgery, from both inside and outside the sterile field. Handwritten notes are still the norm?

“10 in 10” or quick hitting version of our video podcast. Drs Jeff Brown and Jeff Cole interview Phil Sayles, Founder and CEO of Summate Technologies. Summate has developed the Trakker™, a revolutionary POU tracking platform that leverages patented microchip tagging technology and workflow-friendly software. The Trakker is the first and only total consumption scanning solution for ALL products used during a surgical procedure, at the true point of use, from both inside and at the edge of the sterile field. The platform also delivers product intelligence and VOIP communication to field staff as well. It deploys two types of highly unique scanning technology.


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