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Is surgical drain management worthy of disruption? SOMAVAC is launching a deep tissue negative pressure device for large flaps (mastectomies and hernia repairs). FDA cleared for seroma prevention. Benefits to the patient & hospital/payor undeniable?

“10 in 10” or quick hitting version of our video podcast. Drs Jeff Brown and Jeff Cole interview Esra Roan, PhD and Jane Berz, RN, MSN of SOMAVAC, an early-revenue company launching a deep tissue Negative Pressure Therapy device for large flaps created by plastic and general surgeries such as mastectomies and hernia repairs. The internationally patented SOMAVAC SVS delivers constant negative pressure therapy to effectively remove fluids and hold tissue layers together. The device is FDA cleared for seroma prevention. Early studies indicate earlier removal of surgical drains, which is known to correlate with infection rates, and overall fewer complications when compared to literature. The system is closed with one-click fluid disposal bags and markings eliminating the need to pour fluid in to measuring cup. SOMAVAC helps patients and their families recover with dignity after life-impacting surgeries.

Significant savings to the hospital and health systems is projected within the immediate $550M market and $4.5B US addressable market. The closed system of fluid collection also allows SOMAVAC to crossover from the medtech to the biotech space potentially advancing science through the analysis of the seroma fluid collected postoperatively from the surgical site. This also extends the total addressable market to $15B.


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