The Merge Medical Forum

The Merge Medical Forum offers a secure private network where ideas are born, developed and vetted. All healthcare professionals with a NPI number are welcome to join. The forum is free and there are no plans to change this.

Yes…it’s a hassle to look up your NPI number, but you worked long and hard to obtain it. We are using an automated process (API) and going this extra step to verify members in order to control quality of our (your) community. This hassle is a small price to pay to restrict entry to disruptive onlookers, spammers and bots. Our moderators will still have to oversee the process inside.

After an initial onboarding process, the website offers bidirectional navigation and seamless passage between the website and the forum. The forum is a place where collective opinion can bring value, and ideas are vetted. Member polls can be used to gauge interest in particular ideas, companies or initiatives.

At Merge Medical, we want to appeal to all stages of education and practice development…all levels of financial knowledge and success. Our name stems from the desire to merge the interests, needs and talents of our members in a single place where the education and offerings can satisfy a wide range of needs.

In the Merge Medical Forum, as with any social platform or forum, there will be leaders and there will be listeners/watchers. We praise both and want everyone to feel welcome. For those who find a connection with our mission and want to continue building upon what the initial co-creators have developed, we invite you to become an Ambassador.  There are numerous ways in which you can become involved.   Become an Ambassador.

There may be groups or healthcare-related initiatives that need a private place to communicate. The software upon which our forum is built is quite industrial. Modifications, add-ons and custom programming are possible. Foreseeing the need for private spaces, this capability has already been designed and can be requested. Opening a private “node” in the forum will require approval by the forum moderators.

As our community grows, so will the collective knowledge or “brain trust” of the forum. The co-creators have ideas around where we are headed, and what our potential may hold. But, the truth of the matter is that physicians and healthcare providers have never been aggregated on a free platform in mass where the sole purpose of the platform is to benefit the members; to benefit them financially through education, access and opportunity. LinkedIn, Doximity and others simply can’t say this.

So, where do we end up? Who knows, but we like our chances. Let’s all put an oar in the water and begin rowing in the same direction.

Let’s discuss this further in our forum.

If not registered, please do so today!!