Meet the Merge Medical Co-Creators

Meet the Merge Medical Co-Creators

Merge Medical is launching our non-profit with a strong grassroots mission and the support of 12 co-creators.

Merge Medical’s mission is to promote financial empowerment of physicians and healthcare providers through education, networking and collaborative investing in compelling healthcare startups and other opportunities.

Physicians and healthcare providers have never been aggregated on a free platform in mass where the sole purpose of the platform is to benefit the members; to benefit them financially through education, access and opportunity.

We don’t know exactly where we will end up, but by merging the interests, needs and talents of a large group of physicians and healthcare providers, the sky is the limit. We want to partner or collaborate with ANY entity, community or company that is pro-physician and pro-healthcare provider. All members of our community and our forum will have the ability to positively impact our grassroots movement.

Our co-creators provide a strong base of support at the outset. We have a wide range of practice specialties represented as well as geographic regions of the US. Cities represented include: Memphis, TN, Columbus, OH, Miami, FL, Minneapolis, MN, Buffalo, NY, Denver, CO, Chicago, IL, New York, NY, Syracuse, NY, Amherst, MA among others.

We strongly desire to expand our footprint within all cities, large and small. For those who find a connection with our mission and want to continue building upon what the initial co-creators have developed, we invite you to become an Ambassador.  There are numerous ways in which you can become involved.

Merge Medical wants to appeal to all stages of education and practice development…all levels of financial knowledge and success. We want to support personal growth within a supportive and inclusive environment.

The choice of individual co-creators was just the beginning, much like the formation of a crystal; “crystallization signifies a transition from chaos to perfection”.

Let’s go!!!


So, within our group of co-creators, we have a few everyday medical providers who heard about our mission and joined us. We also have individuals who you may know through their existing online communities and efforts. These individuals are highlighted here. We thank them for their involvement!


Visit each co-creator’s page under the Leadership tab to watch their introductory video and review their bio.

Let’s discuss this further in our forum.

If not registered, please do so today!!