Co-founder, Merge Medical
Co-Founder Left Field Investors

Dr. Steve Suh

Steve Suh, MD is an ophthalmologist in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. He discovered real estate investing in the early 2000s after purchasing his practice’s office condo. He also bought a few residential rentals, but quickly found that this was not easily scalable. After listening to hundreds of podcasts on real estate investing, reading many real estate books, and attending numerous real estate investing meetings, he found that investing passively in private real estate syndications was the easiest avenue for getting into cash-flowing and appreciating alternative assets. He has invested in dozens of syndications involving apartment buildings, self-storage facilities, resort properties, real estate notes, business equipment, car washes, a coffee farm, and even a Broadway show. Steve is one of the founders of Left Field Investors, a networking and educational group that helps its members passively invest in real asset syndications.

Why I’m excited to help build Merge Medical:

“I think physicians need a group like this to help them maximize their financial lives so that they can be the best version of themselves for their families and their patients.”

My Areas of Merge Medical Involvement:

Blog writing / Podcasting
Real estate investing
Alternative asset investing
Merge DAO Venture Club
Partnerships and deal flow