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Dr. Mo Khattab

Dr. Mohamed Khattab is a radiation oncologist based in Minneapolis, MN. He is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and completed his training at NYU and Vanderbilt prior to moving to the Twin Cities. He has a passion for research and innovative medical technologies. He has served as consultant and on advisory boards for industry leaders in the radiation therapy space. Dr. Khattab has published dozens of peer-reviewed journals, has presented nationally and internationally, and has received awards for pioneering cutting-edge radiosurgery procedures for benign neurologic and psychiatric diseases.

Outside of clinical medicine, Dr. Khattab has also been committed to initiatives that enable social mobility. Dr. Khattab values the creative potential, ease of collaboration, camaraderie and shared trust that exists between physicians and healthcare providers. He joined Merge Medical to be part of a movement where healthcare members can Unite and Prosper, and achieve unprecedented potential without relying on traditional vehicles for investment that do not prioritize their interests.

Why I’m excited to help build Merge Medical:

“As we grow our community of clinicians, we will be able to democratize investing, develop innovative products and create vehicles for investment or other opportunities that prioritize the interests of healthcare providers. We will find ways to support physician-owned practices and staying private initiatives. Our healthcare provider community will collaborate, grow organically and develop some things not yet imagined.”

My Areas of Merge Medical Involvement:

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