Areas of Ambassador Involvement

Blog writer or content creator
  • If you are a content creator, partner with us and allow us to co-market your message and your efforts.
Content ID & Review
  • Do you find yourself taking a screenshot of impactful LinkedIn or Twitter posts wanting to read later or share with a colleague? Be involved in funneling this information to us for review.
Forum moderator
  • Our need for forum moderators will grow with size of the forum. This is where ideas are born, vetted and developed. Help us maintain a forum of utmost professionalism while nurturing ideas and action.
Member growth
  • Do you have knowledge or experience with social media or email marketing? We know who our target audience is. It’s all about developing a clear, concise and engaging message. Join our team.
Merge DAO Venture Club
  • We will have no shortage of individuals interested in joining this club. Whether one invests or not, to have visibility of the type of innovation being developed by our peers is exciting. Individuals in this role will help oversee the club’s activities and growth.
Startup & podcast liaison
  • This team will introduce startups and growth stage healthcare companies to Merge Medical for the full scope of possible involvement. We will also have prepared materials to assist with engagement.
Sponsor & partner outreach
  • Merge Medical desires to collaborate or partner with any individual, company or community that is pro-physician or pro-healthcare provider. Community members will have contact with a wide array of entities that fit that description and who would desire exposure to our network. We will provide digital assets to engage prospective sponsors and partners.
Strategic planning
  • Think of next steps when individuals submit “suggestion box” comments. We expect the community to have dozens upon dozens of great ideas. The team assisting in this role will condense and package the inflow of information into focused action items. This group will assist the executive director with strategic planning.
Young member outreach
  • We would wager a bet that close to 100% of physicians and healthcare providers would say that they wish that they had exposure to financially related thought, education and activity much earlier in their training or practice. We want to support young members in this way.